Our Group Coaching program consists of an intimate, handpicked group of business owners that meets twice monthly to tackle issues ranging from how to get new customers and keep great employees to how to best manage your cash flow and vendors and beyond. It’s a support group, a group to bounce ideas off, a group to be accountable to, to set goals and build trust with. It’s an opportunity to expand and deepen your network and ask others in your industry for referrals and recommendations. It’s a facilitated conversation and problem solving session that works to return as much value as possible to each participant.

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Prospective businesses need only complete our Group Coaching interest form. BNM will review applicants and place them within a group that best fits their needs and the needs of the cohort. Meeting times and agendas will be shared well in advance of the cohort's first meeting. Meetings are held twice per month. Group Coaching will be conducted virtually and has a recurring, monthly fee of $150 per business.

Discounted Rates Available for Bricks Need Mortar members:
Flourish Level Members $75/month ($19/hour)
Sustain Level Members $112//hour ($28/hour)

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